This website demonstrates 2 concepts: scrape data from webpages using AI and classify them. Therefore you can check the demos in the navigation bar.
In the Scrape demo you have to define entity types and their fields. After that, you can provide website URLs to scrape data from. The results will be shown in the Results section.
In the Classify demo, you can provide a website url and based on the configurations provided in the Scrape demo the AI will provide confidence scores for each entity type.
The data is stored locally (on your browser localstorage), feel free to configure new entities and test them out.
OpenAI ChatGPT3.5-turbo is used to process website content.
Disclaimer: this is a Proof of Concept, with the purpose of demonstrating 2 use cases of using an LLM. No fine-tunning or optimizations have been added. Therefore there is no guarantee that the results are accurate.
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